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this is a simple SHOUTcast service, it trys to replace the default shoutcast service that is not included in amarok anymore (talking about amarok 2.2.1 andy few older versions :))

you can browse genres and search for stations

for any suggestions and/or bugs (bug fixes preferred :D) send me an email

hope you like it!
-update 2.11
another temporary solution

-update 2.1
changed url for fetching the results, I hope this time it's gonna last longer..

-update 2.0
it was time to get searching working again!
here are the changes:

- searching via amarok's fiter
- specify wanted bitrate while searching: add 'br=192' to the query for stations with bitrate 192; e.g. 'house br=192'
- added shoutcast's top500 stations at the top of the ganres (you can limit number of fetched stations in preferences)
- preselected list of common genres (instead of showing all 300+ of them); this can be changed in preferences
- preferences
- set limit of fetched stations when browsing, searching and for Top500 (shoutcast's top stations)
- make a list of your preferred genes by enabling/disabling them

note: there might be some issues with fetching and displaying stations if you have less than 6 genres selected, so make sure, you select at least 6 of them!

-update 1.01
a really small update, script stopped working because shoutcast urls were changed. Thanks to a-glazachev's comment I hadn't even have to look them up :)

note: search had to be implemented in that way because i couldn't get the amarok's filter option to work properly...



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